Our Mission

Our mission is to be the premier provider of security services to our valued clients at an affordable cost.  To provide an environment of growth and fulfillment for the Presidential Security and Protective Services, LLC, family embedded in ETHICS, INTEGRITY, HONOR, and LOYALTY with an emphasis on our top priority – customer service.

In 2007, our security company was established with you in mind.  There is no doubt that without thieves and people vandalizing our properties, the world would be a safer place to live.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a utopia and the habits of thieves have become an integrated part of our lives.

Here at Presidential Security and Protective Services, LLC, we recognize that we all are potential victims of theft and vandalism and we want to provide you with the extra security that you need.

Rather than focusing on a “traditional service,” we prefer to customize our service to best meet your needs.  Once we are chosen as your security provider, you will find highly trained and motivated servicemen and women on a consistent basis and a company which can be as flexible as it is comprehensive.

We will bond with you to build a security presence with the same care and precision that you would utilize on a day to day basis.  The feedback of our clients is welcomed as a means to perfect our services being rendered to you.